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Established in 1966.
Renamed in 1982, 2001.
Upgraded in 2001

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-Lan Yang Institute of Technology-

Message from the President:

Taiwan has long been the hub of communications in the Western Pacific, and has grown into a strong and important entity in the global economics owing to the government's devotion to the infrastructure of common education and industrial advancement. While people value the lifestyle of fashion and beauty as well as the living environment, more and more products and service with humanistic design made by mechatronics engineering become critical and delicate. Lan Yang Institute of Technology is located in Lan Yang Plain, in the northeastern part of Taiwan, with a beautiful blue coast on one side and impressive green mountains on the other. Hot springs, a museum, beautiful scenery and simple folk customs attract many people fond of surfing, rafting, paragliding, and biking. The school becomes the hub of not only cultures, education and technology, but also delicacies, exercises, ecology, festivals and leisure industries.

The twenty-first century is an age of digital economics, which accentuates a balance of technology, management, innovation, and humanism. Departments of Health and Leisure Management, Fashion Beauty Design, Interior Design, Digital Marketing, Mechatronics Engineering, Hospitality Management, and Tourism and Travel Management are established to cultivate a new generation and prepare them for upcoming development of digital marketing, beauty design, mechatronics engineering and other valuable technology. Meanwhile, LYIT has dedicated its efforts to developing local delicacies, five-star hotel management, tourism, health promotion, and leisure and recreation industries.

Basing in Taiwan, LYIT seeks intensive overseas academic exchange and cooperation from areas around the world. We aim at close links by means of strategic alliance for the integration of local and foreign resources to cultivate our students to think globally, value teamwork, embrace life-long learning, and serve mankind as a global villager.